The NAAFA-CC Chapter officers would like this chapter to be a service group; we aim to put our beliefs into action within our community.


Requirements to be a member of the NAAFA-CC Chapter:

Chapter members are required to first be a member of the national organization. National membership is $15/annually. To become a NAAFA member, go to


The Chapter requests $15/annual dues and that each member commit to volunteer hours on one (or more) of our service projects and fundraising/promotional activities.


Attend our monthly general meetings.


That's it!

Join Us!

Project Sponsorship


There are two ways an individual or a business can help by sponsoring one of our projects; you may donate money directly through check or GiftTool. Businesses may also donate their products or services.


As a business sponsor of NAAFA-CC, businesses will receive recognition in the forms of:

  • A press release from NAAFA-CC announcing your company’s sponsorship
  • Your company logo on the NAAFA-CC website
  • Your company logo prominently displayed as a sponsor at NAAFA-CC community events

If you are interested in sponsoring one of the NAAFA-Clark County Chapter projects, please contact us at


NAAFA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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